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Introducing Yale’s electric drop bolt and maglock range

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Easy and secure, lock your glass, timber, and fire-rated doors with a trusted Yale lock. Our new range of electromagnetic locks are designed to fit most doors with recessed mortice and surface mounting options available for both indoor and outdoor use.

In our maglock offering, we have holding forces from 135 kg right up to 540 kg for extra security protection, and you can even use our new maglocks on emergency doors as it unlocks when the power has been interrupted.

Our electromagnetic locks have been designed to ensure low energy usage and a few of the models support monitoring. This assists to ensure that access control doors are indeed closed and secure.

Our new offering also includes an electric drop bolt for a double-action 180° swing-through door or even sliding doors. The lock is a flush-mounted electromechanical item featuring a solenoid driven deadbolt used for bespoke applications. Also, optional brackets are available for single or double-leaf frameless glass doors.

Trusted security and access control with over 180 years’ experience.

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